A key concept in Ayurveda is the three body energies or tridośa.

The biochemical balance of the body is based on two factors.

1) in the existence of vital components and chemicals such as iron, calcium, proteins, insulin, thyroid etc.

2) to the correct interaction of these substances with the cells and organs of the body.

This interaction has three energy forms.

A) Kinetic: Vata is the energy behind any movement of any kind (eg. blood circulation, neurotransmitters flow, muscular movements) in the body.

B) Metabolic: Pitta is the energy initiating all the metabolic reactions of the substances in the body anabolic or catabolic (e.g. insulin and glucose, thyrormones and cell membranes, TSH and thyroid).

C) Homeostatic: Kapha is the energy that rebalances any changes in the body and maintains a dynamic equilibrium in the midst of changes (eg blood glucose homeostasis after meal, electrolyte regulation of the kidneys).

These actions will be analyzed in subsequent publications.