Dr N. G. Kostopoulos on the Global Online Summit of Healing our Earth, 31st May 2020

Dear Friends, this coming Sunday, 31st May at 2:40 pm UK time, (4:40 pm Greek time), Dr N.G. Kostopoulos will give a talk about: Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet in a free Global Online Summit organised by Healing Our Earth. There will be a live broadcast on Healing Our Earth's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/healingourearth/about/?ref=page_internal and on www.healingourearth.com. Looking forward to connecting with you there! [...]

Holistic AYM Online Seminar, 24th May 2020

Holistic AYM's online seminar took place on May 24th 2020. Vaidya Asvin Barot and Dr N. G. Kostopoulos spoke about the application of Ayurveda in modern times, about what physical and mental health is, about the unique constitution of each person (prakruti) and its disorders (vikruti). They also analyzed the concept of stress from [...]

Online Open Talk with Dr N.G.Kostopoulos, 16th May 2020

The first online Open Talk of the Holistic Health Centre took place on May 16th. Dr N.G. Kostopoulos spoke on the basic concepts of Ayurveda such as the five elements which exist in the body and around us and their relationship with the five senses.  He explained in a scientific way the energies of [...]

Dr N. G. Kostopoulos on the Global Wellness Session of Healing our Earth, 10th May 2020

On May 10, 2020, Dr. Nikolaos Kostopoulos took part in the Global Wellness Session organised by Healing Our Earth and spoke about Lifestyle, Stress and Nutrition. In particular, he talked about the challenges of a modern lifestyle, the meaning of stress and the importance of nutrition and its correlation with the unique constitution of [...]

Open Talk with Dr N.G. Kostopoulos, February 8 2020

This past Saturday the first Open Talk lecture of the season took place at the Holistic Health Centre in Kifissia, Greece. The talks are conducted by Dr N.G.Kostopoulos who spoke of the essential principles of Ayurveda and the necessity of a scientific base to holistic medicine.

Holistic AYM India Trip 2020

A group of Holistic AYM seminar participants had the opportunity to visit India together with Vaidya Asvin Barot and Dr N.G. Kostopoulos.  They attended the International Thermal Microcautery Seminar and Workshop in Ahmedabad, listened to patient testimonials at the Global Agnikarma Centre and visited Ayurveda colleges and Hospitals.  The group also visited an organic [...]

International Thermal Microcautery (Agni Karma) Conference, Jan 5 2020

Some pictures from the International Thermal Microcautery Seminar and workshop which took place on January 5th in Ahmedabad, India. The theme of the conference was scientific and medical approach to Thermal Microcautery (Agnikarma).  Topics included testimonials from patients who have recovered from chronic pain conditions including migraines, live demonstrations of thermal microcautery procedures, clinical [...]

Open Talk with Dr. N.G. Kostopoulos November 16th 2019

This past Saturday the third Open Talk lecture of the season took place at the Holistic Health Centre in Kifissia, Greece.  The talks are conducted by Dr. N.G.Kostopoulos who spoke on the essential principles of Ayurveda.  Following a request by the participants there will be a last Open Talk of the year taking place [...]

Holistic AYM Seminar in Sounio Greece, 1-3 November 2019

A Holistic AYM seminar took place on November 1-3 at Sounio, Greece.  Vaidya Asvin Barot and Dr. N.G. Kostopoulos shared the principles of Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation.

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