Disease is a result of an imbalance in the dosas while health is the result of balanced dosas. – Astanga Hrdayam Ch. 1 / v. 20

The three energies (dosas) of vata, pitta and kapha have a unique balance for each person and that is their natural energy pattern or Prakruti.

If this natural pattern is disturbed (Vikruti) then diseases occur. In modern medicine, the causative factors and treatment of diseases is based on the presence of chemicals monitored in blood analysis.  The examination of the levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, hemoglobin, vitamins, etc.

We know, however, that many sudden heart attacks occur in patients who have low cholesterol. Some diabetics with high blood sugar levels have no complications, while others, who have more balanced blood sugar levels, have all the complications of diabetes. We also see patients who have low vitamin levels and are full of energy while others with normal levels suffer from tiredness.

What is the cause of all these phenomena?

The interaction of chemical substances – the way they move (vata), the way they are metabolised (pitta) and the way they rebalance (kapha) in a homeostatic state, is one of the main causes of health or illness.

In this interaction a major role is played by our nutrition, exercise, our general behaviour and not only by the quantitive  analysis of our chemicals.

This is the essence of this principle in Ayurveda.

- Dr Nikolaos Kostopoulos