Simple Nutritional Steps

We can learn some simple steps regarding our nutritional health from the science of Ayurveda, most of which we already know, instinctively.  For example,  it is important to eat hot food because this makes a big difference to our ability to digest.  For the majority of us, two hot meals a day are necessary in order to keep our system and our body strong.  This is particularly important in the wintertime, as our body needs more energy in order to keep its temperature steady.

What constitutes a sustaining, hot meal?  Here we share some quick and simple recipes that contain spices in order to strengthen the body and provide the variety of nutritional substances that it needs.

The last extremely important but simple nutritional step, which we know but often ignore, is to sit and eat quietly. Try to taste the food as though you were eating for the very first time.

Through Youtube you can select to see the recipes with English or Greek subtitles