The characteristics of Pitta energy

Pitta or fire energy has the following characteristics: sasneha (slightly oily), tiksna (penetrating), usna (warm and warming), laghu (light), visram (with an unpleasant smell), saram (fluid-like) and dravam (liquid-like). The metabolic energy is oily as seen in lubricating oils that spread smoothly on the skin leaving a residue behind. Gastric fluids from the stomach, duodenum [...]

The characteristics of Vata energy

Ruksha (dryness), laghu (lightness), sita (coldness), khara (roughness), sukshma (thinness) and calo (agility) are the characteristic qualities of Vata energy. - Astanga Hrdayam Ch1./v.11. Anything that displays the above qualities, although not necessarily all together, manifests the presence of Vata energy. The coolness of the air we inhale which regulates body temperature and its subtlety [...]

Disease and Energies

Disease is a result of an imbalance in the dosas while health is the result of balanced dosas. - Astanga Hrdayam Ch. 1 / v. 20 The three energies (dosas) of vata, pitta and kapha have a unique balance for each person and that is their natural energy pattern or Prakruti. If this natural pattern is disturbed (Vikruti) then diseases occur. [...]

Vata Energy

  Vāta definition and action The concept of three energies or three doshas in Ayurveda is based on the elemental way in which our body functions. How our molecules, chemicals, tissues and organs interact with each other and with the environment. The first energy is the vāta energy or kinetic energy in our body. We have three tissues [...]

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Kapha Energy

Kapha definition and action Kapha energy is associated with the formation of structures and a kind of molecular memory that maintains stability. The kapha energy remembers the structures and allows changes, movements and chemical reactions that support the maintenance of these structures. For example, the increase of an infant’s weight from 3,5 kg to 60-70 [...]

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