The characteristics of Pitta energy

Pitta or fire energy has the following characteristics: sasneha (slightly oily), tiksna (penetrating), usna (warm and warming), laghu (light), visram (with an unpleasant smell), saram (fluid-like) and dravam (liquid-like). The metabolic energy is oily as seen in lubricating oils that spread smoothly on the skin leaving a residue behind. Gastric fluids from the stomach, duodenum [...]

Pitta Energy

Pitta Definition and Action The very first and the most important interaction for our physical existence is that of the ovum and sperm before our conception in order to create the first embryonic cell. After this,  the chain reaction that culminates with our birth is as follows: food – mother’s digestive enzymes – placenta – embryonic cells –mitochondria – new embryonic proteins – energy – tissue creation – culminating in the foetus formation. 3.5 millionths [...]

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