Even though the three energies are present throughout the body, they are found mainly below the navel (vata), between the navel and the heart (pitta) and above the heart (kapha).

Each organ functions and contributes with a specific energy to benefit the whole body. Each cell displays kinetic, metabolic and homeostatic energy but different organs in the body are characterised by different dominant energies.

Vata energy is manifested principally below the navel and in the hollow organs: large intestine, bladder, womb, where movement forces out and expels e.g menstruation, ejaculation, urination, childbirth.

Pitta energy dominates between the navel and the heart where the digestive organs are located: stomach, pancreas, liver, which metabolise the nutritious elements.

Kapha energy dominates above the heart, in the lungs and the brain. Mucous and moisture in the lungs protect the bronchial tubes from the continuous movement of air (11.000 litres of air per day). The brain, with the exception of neurons, consists of more supportive cells (10 times more) than neurones that manifest the kapha energy.


- Dr Nikolaos Kostopoulos