“They are predominant, respectively, during the last, middle and first stages of the life (span), the day, the night, and (process of digestion ) of food.”

– Astanga Hrdayam Ch 1, verses 7,8.

The three energies have a direct link with time and biorhythms. Vata energy is dominant in the last phase of our lives, pitta in the middle and kapha in the first.

In the initial phase of our life (kapha) our body is being formed and we need stability, love, sleep and the right nutrition in order to develop.

In the middle phase (pitta), we need independence, visions, experiences, relationships, learning, transformation and change.

In the last phase (vata), refinement, freedom and the expression of our deeper selves are necessary for our fulfillment.

The day begins with kapha from 6-10 am when the sun rises slowly and shines without the intensity of heat. It continues with pitta from 10-2 pm. Heat increases, appetite increases and we feel the need for creativity and action. It then ends with vata from 2-6 pm with moderate tiredness, a need for relaxation, a craving for something sweet and some simple activity.

The same in the evening. Between 6-10 pm, there is a wave of relaxation and renewed energy. From 10 pm – 2 am our pitta energy is taken over by a desire for enjoyment and information in the form of news and television that prevents us from going to sleep. From 2-6 am the vata energy increases and ┬ánaturally settles in deep sleep for rest and rejuvenation.

The process of digestion again consists of three stages. In the initial kapha stage, the dominant quality is that of taste and, immediately after a meal, a sense of heaviness and drowsiness. In the intermediate stage, the pitta energy initiates the processing and absorption of the food consumed. In the final stage, the vata energy is responsible for the expulsion of waste from the meal and the end of the digestive process.

If we respect and follow the natural flow of these three energies, they can help us to maintain good health. However, if we ignore these rhythms, imbalances are created which can result in illness.

- Dr Nikolaos Kostopoulos